Kimberly Colapietro, Partner of EDI Landscape, LLC (EDI), is a landscape professional with almost 30 years of experience, having served as an owner/operator of a landscaping business for much of her career. She formed EDI in 2001 and serves as managing partner, with a focus on driving a culture of customer satisfaction and field operations excellence.

Kim brings to each project a desire that leads to vibrant and sustainable spaces and is very passionate about her year round color programs as evidenced in many notable projects. She has learned that taking a holistic and systematic approach must be taken to consider the site’s physical surroundings and the needs of the client, taking into account financial implications, long-term community effects, implementation, maintenance and management of each project.

With a wide array of experience on a variety of award-winning commercial, institutional and public landscape projects ranging in size and complexity, Kim is directly involved with quality initiatives, including sustainability, technical delivery and safety oversight. She oversees firm growth, diversification and development; and defines the firm’s business objectives for performance, collaborative operations and staff development. She is dedicated to working closely with clients to achieve memorable and lasting built work.

Kim is an active member of PLANET, a national association for landscape professionals, the Connecticut Construction Industries Association and Professional Women in Construction.

Joan M. Davidson, CFO of EDI Landscape, LLC (EDI), has 30 years of experience in the construction industry working in a variety of roles, including finance, accounting, marketing/business development and office management.

A graduate from Central Connecticut State University with a B.S. in Accounting, Joan joined EDI in 2012 and is responsible for marketing and new business development while maintaining oversight of finance and administration. She has a track record of identifying, assessing, and leading new business development projects and programs, and structuring complex transactions and agreements including alliances, joint ventures and acquisitions. She has proven leadership, negotiating and influencing skills, and ability to achieve goals through teamwork, collaboration, and relationship management.

An experienced, results driven professional, Joan brings a strong sense of urgency, initiative and competitive drive to get things done, with an emphasis always on working with people in a collaborative way. She is focused on cohesion, communication, morale and team accomplishment. Comfortable delegating authority, flexible in working with different kinds of people, she is an engaging and enthusiastic decision maker who is highly adaptable to the ever changing environments she encounters. Skillful at training and developing others, she builds and leverages interpersonal relationships to get the job done.

Joan is an active member of the Knox Park Foundation, Hartford, CT, the Connecticut Construction Industries Association, Professional Women in Construction and the Society for Marketing Professional Services.